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Göbekli Tepe: 5 Astounding Curiosities Uncovered at the World’s Oldest Megalithic Site

Göbekli Tepe, the world's most ancient megalithic site, continues to baffle experts and captivate history enthusiasts across the globe. This mysterious site, believed to date back to the 10th millennium BCE, has challenged our understanding of the development of ancient civilizations and posed numerous questions about its origin and purpose.

Improving Fact-Checking on Social Media: Strategies to Ensure Consistency and Eliminate Double Standards

The rise of social media has revolutionized the way we consume and share information. With an unprecedented amount of content being posted daily, the need for fact-checking has become increasingly important to counter the spread of false information. However, concerns have been raised about the efficiency of fact-checking processes on

The High Cost of Erroneous Fact-Checking on Facebook: A Deep Dive into the Financial and Reputational Consequences

In a world where social media platforms like Facebook have become the primary source of information for millions of people, the accuracy and credibility of content shared on these platforms have never been more important. As a response, Facebook has partnered with various fact-checking organizations to combat the spread of

The Dangers of Double Standards in Fact-Checking: A Case Study of Facebook’s Partnership with El Verificador

Introduction In an age where misinformation and disinformation have become increasingly prevalent, the importance of fact-checking to maintain the integrity of the media landscape cannot be overstated. Facebook, as a global social media platform, has partnered with various fact-checking organizations worldwide to combat the spread of false information. However, concerns

Was there a long-lost mother culture that predated all other ancient civilizations?

[:en] What if thousands of years ago, long before the great ancient civilizations of Egyp, China, Mesopotamia, and the Americas appeared, there was a mother culture; an ancient civilization that was advanced in every sense, and a culture that would eventually disappear under mysterious circumstances, leaving behind only telltales of


Ancient Tomb Unearthed in Palenque: Archaeologists Discover Green Figurines and Offerings

Remarkable Findings Add to Mayan Cultural Wealth during Archaeological Salvage Efforts for Mayan Train Project As archaeological salvage efforts continue in Palenque, Chiapas, the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) has unearthed a tomb and a secondary burial containing offerings and green figurines. Palenque: A Mayan Cultural Gem Palenque,

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