Suggested explanations include a sonic boom from an aircraft or a meteorite, but no one has been able to confirm or explain what causes the so-called “Bama Booms’.

A series of strong ‘booms’ head in different parts of the world have bewildered the scientific community, which still does not know the origin of this phenomenon, which has been felt more and more frequently.

So far this year, there have been a total of 64 similar events in the United States, in some areas of the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.

The most recent occurred in the states of Alabama and Colorado (USA), according to CBS Denver.

Many of its inhabitants reported through the social networks hearing what they refer to as the “Bama Boom”.

Bill Cooke, a spokesman for NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Bureau, said the latest episode could have been caused by a supersonic plane, a burst on the ground or the explosion of meteorites in the atmosphere.

In this regard, the US Geological Survey (USGS), after analyzing the noise, confirmed that it was not the result of an earthquake.

Many people speculate that the extravagant noise may have been caused by a military flight of a supersonic jet, despite the fact that the US Air Force is yet to confirm this.

According to Popular Mechanics magazine, the most common source of these “mysterious sonic booms” are unannounced military flights with supersonic aircraft.

Graphic of a burst detected in the USGS Lakeview Retreat near Centerville, Ala., On Nov. 14. at 1:39 p.m. local time. The cause of the sound remains unexplained. (Credit: NASA).

However, in the USA the Air Force has not spoken about it.

The mysterious noises have been reported by dozens of residents from different places: an inhabitant of the city of Abergavenny (Wales, United Kingdom) has described it as “a burst of shotgun or fireworks”.

Speaking to the Abergavenny Chronicle, one resident said: “It nearly gave me a heart attack it was that loud. At first, I thought it was a shotgun blast or a firework, but it was way too loud for that. It sounded more like a tank going off.

My husband said it was probably mini meteors colliding with the earth, but have you ever heard such nonsense?”

Are ‘Bama Booms’ caused by military aircraft? Image Credit: Shutterstock

Others relate it to meteorites coming from the annual Leonid star shower, which reached its peak last week, and even with explosions caused during military training.

Ron Hranac, an astronomy expert, told CBS that if the bursts were actually produced by a meteoroid, they would not be related to the Leonids because the meteorites in the storm are too small to reach the ground and produce such noises.

On October 27, another ‘Bama boom’ was recorded in the Eyre Peninsula, in southern Australia, after several witnesses saw the passage of a bright meteorite.

A spokesman for the Red Desert Fireball, a network of cameras in Australia that track meteorites entering the atmosphere, indicates that the phenomenon could be caused by a change in pressure when the celestial body entered the Earth.

What are the enigmatic sounds?

Sonic boom: A sonic boom is a sound that is associated with the shock waves produced by an aircraft traveling through the air at speeds faster than the speed of sound. Sonic booms produce massive amounts of sound energy, which is why sonic booms sound like an explosion to the human ear.

We could be witnessing never-before-seen military exercises: Throughout the decades, people from all over the world have heard unexplained loud noises which resulted being connected to military training, at Army or Naval bases in remote areas. These sounds may be caused by similar military exercises.

Maybe these are just controlled explosions: A controlled explosion is a method for detonating or disabling a suspected explosive device. While this is one of the theories, experts believe we are not actually hearing the massive booms due to controlled explosions or demolitions.

Some experts say it may be unusual weather: It’s a fact that numerous loud noises are connected to unusual weather events, such as electrical storms or thunderstorms. Maybe the loud ‘bada booms’ are the result of extremely unusual weather events.

Meteors entering the Earth’s atmosphere: Experts say that meteors entering Earth’s atmosphere have the ability to produce strange and loud noises as they collide with our atmosphere.

And last but not least, Aliens: We can’t just finish the list without mentioning aliens, can we? Who knows, maybe these odd bada booms are the result of Alien vehicles performing crazy maneuvers in Earth’s atmosphere.


November 18 – Michigan
November 19 – Damascus – caused by airstrikes
November 17 – Lapland – caused by meteor
November 15 – Idaho
November 14 – Alabama
November 8 – Tennessee
November 4 – Oregon
November 3 – Minnesota
November 1 and 2 – New Jersey and San Diego
October 27 – Eyre Peninsula – caused by meteor
October 25 – New Jersey
October 20 – British Columbia
October 17 – North Carolina
October 10 – Detroit
September 25 – St Ives
September 22 – Temple Terrace, Florida
September 17 – Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey, Ohio and Massachusetts – caused by meteor
September 7 – Moranbah, Australia
May 30 – Tauranga, New Zealand
May 26 – Kent
May 24 – Texas
May 19 – Massachusetts
May 16-17 – Lincolnshire
May 13 – Ontario – caused by earthquake
May 12 – Tennessee
May 11 – Abergavenny, Wales
May 7 – Florida – caused by secret military mission
April 25 – San Diego
April 17 – Michigan
April 15 – Michigan
April 9 – Maine
April 3 – Texas
March – Vermont
March 27 – Cornwall
March 26 – Arizona
March 25 – Gordonvale, Australia
March 22 – Wisconsin
March 13 – Virginia – caused by earthquake
March 12 – New York
March 11 – Kentucky
March 5 – Montreal
March 2 – Nottingham
February 27 – Louisiana
February 13 – Ohio
February 12 – Indiana
February 10 – Pennsylvania
January 30 – New Orleans
January 30 – Washington D.C
January 29 – Maryland
January 24 – San Diego
January 20 – Swansea
January 19 – New Orleans
January 18 – North Carolina
January 17 – Canterbury
January 16 – Beddgelert, Wales
January 16 – Greater Manchester
January 13 – Marseilles
January 12 – North Yorkshire
January 6 – Louisiana
January 6 – Oregon
January 5 – Liverpool
January 4 – Missouri
January 4 – Washington
January 3 – Connecticut

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