Technologies that today seem unreal or straight out of a science fiction movie will most likely come true sometime in the next 50 years.

This is according to a group of futurists who, after careful discussions, have announced some of the most important technological advances that will transform the lives of our civilization completely.

The famous British futurist Ian Pearson, who led the research, recalled that “many things we take for granted today, such as instant global mobile communication with the push of a button, or computer networks that allow us to access the ‘sum of all knowledge’, were once fanciful ideas of science fiction.”

But as we’ve said before, there is a thin line that divides science fiction from reality.

Pearson added that this process will never cease and humanity will continue to develop new technologies and fulfill the dreams of our ancestors.

In this perspective, these are some of the innovations that humanity will enjoy – futurists say – in their daily lives in around half a century.

Technological implants to control human health

Aren’t they already here? Small intelligent devices, implanted in human skin, will be used to diagnose in real time the chemical composition of the blood and the nerve signals of a patient, and provide a control of their health state, and have the capability of detecting any indicative alteration or disease.

Flying cars

Flying cars have been one of the main components in science-fiction movies. Announced long ago, they will become reality in coming decades. Not only will ‘cars’ fly, but they will be fully autonomous vehicles.

Space Tourism

Who hasn’t dreamed of flying to the moon and taking a walk on the lunar surface?

What now seems a distant fantasy, in about 50 years will become routine, say futurologists. The technology will allow mankind to spend holidays in the space and return back to Earth without hassle.

Superhuman powers

Ironman is that you? Futurists predict that in the near future, mankind will become one with a machine. Sort of.

Exoskeletons with musculature composed of electro-active polymers promise to turn anyone into a “superhuman” giving physical strength that has man has never before imagined.

Supersonic ‘underwater’ trains

Imagine traveling in a train, at supersonic speeds while submerged under water. Stunning right?

Well, according to futurists, this will become a reality in the near future.

This new transport system will unite continents thanks to speeds much higher than current commercial aircraft: allowing them to travel at more than 1,200 kilometers per hour.

The technology that will allow ‘underwater trains’ to move so fast will be supercavitation— the use of cavitation effects to create a bubble of steam inside a liquid large enough to encompass an object travelling through the liquid, greatly reducing the skin friction drag on the object and enabling achievement of very high speeds.

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