According to the latest statements from a former NASA physicist, UFO’s should be treated as a real deal, as they could be in fact spaceships from extraterrestrial visitors.

Kevin Knuth, a former NASA researcher and current professor of physics at the State University of New York at Albany, explains why he believes that some UFOs could be spaceships that are visiting us from other worlds and how the scientific establishment has been negligent about it.

The former NASA scientists explain that on one occasion, during a NASA conference that dealt with the extraterrestrial issue that he had attended to in 2002, a participant who disagreed with our moderate opinion shouted out loudly: “You. You have no idea what’s out there!”

The moment was uncomfortable as this statement sank into silence. Humans fear that aliens visit Earth, and so far the mainstream science has seized the vast cosmic distances to deny the possibility of interstellar travel.

But this last notion is very limited, since it depends on the paradigms of our incipient knowledge about astronautics.

Mr. Knuth acknowledged how he has always been interested in the UFO phenomenon.

“Of course, it is exciting to think that there may be other civilizations out there. But even more exciting for me is the possibility that interstellar travel is technologically achievable.”

He further explained:

“In 1988, during my second week of postgraduate work at Montana State University, I discussed with several students livestock mutilations and how they could be related to UFOs. A physics teacher was listening to our conversation and joined it. He told us that he had colleagues working at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Great Falls, where they had reported cases of UFOs deactivating nuclear missiles. At that time I thought that this professor was joking around with us, but now, decades later, I was surprised to see a press conference that showed several ex-soldiers, including personnel of the aforementioned base, describing similar incidents in the 1960s.”

Contrary to popular belief, UFO’s aren’t only reported in the United States.

In fact, countries like Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Ecuador, France, New Zealand, Russia, Sweden and the United Kingdom have been declassifying their UFO documents since 2008.

The French Committee for In-Depth Studies, or COMETA, was an unofficial UFO study group comprised of high-ranking scientists and military officials that studied UFOs in the late 1990s. They released the COMETA Report, which summarized their findings. They concluded that 5 percent of the encounters were reliable yet inexplicable: The best hypothesis available was that the observed crafts were extraterrestrial,” explains The Conversation.

In addition, they also accused the US government of covering up fundamental evidence in this regard.

Science and UFO’s

The scientific method requires that hypotheses be verifiable and reproducible. Close encounters with UFOs cannot be controlled or repeated, which makes their study very challenging.

But the real problem, according to my point of view, is that the UFO issue is a taboo.

While the general public has been fascinated with UFOs for decades, governments, the scientific establishment, and the mass media have, essentially, declared that the whole matter responds to human observation errors or elaborate natural phenomena, denying or omitting any evidence that points to an extraterrestrial origin.

This fact removes the subject of serious scientific study and, instead, leads to the convenient and swampy field of pseudoscience and conspiracy theories.


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