About Me

Hello Everyone!

My name is Ivan Petricevic, and I am the publisher and founder of www.ancient-code.com and www.ancient-code.es. I have a passion for history, archaeology, and space, three of the main reasons why I do what I do. I love my job and writing is a real passion which has taken me to countless unforgettable places, where I’ve met different people and cultures.

I am also the publisher of ewao.com (Universe Explorers) where I cover subjects like the Ancient Astronaut Theory, space, UFOs and alien life.

My articles are mostly related to History, Human Origins, Space, and Space exploration, while I have a tremendous passion for the Ancient Astronaut theory, around which Ancient Code is mostly centered.

My articles have been republished and translated into numerous languages including Spanish, German, Italian, French, Mandarin, Croatian. All together I have written over 3000 articles which research, investigate and detail different subjects like the Ancient Astronaut Theory, Space, UFOs, and alien life in general.

My work has also taken me around the world. I’ve had the privilege to travel across North, Central and South America, where I’ve researched and visited countless ancient sites. I’ve also done a lot of exploring in Europe and will continue researching, traveling and documenting everywhere I go, and everything I learn.

My passion for writing has opened many doors for me.

In 2016, I filmed for the What on Earth series produced by the Discovery Science Channel.

In 2017, I was invited to participate in the History Channel’s popular series Ancient Aliens.

For those who ask, English is not my native language. I am a polyglot and speak English, Spanish, German and Croatian.

Thank you for taking the time and reading my Bio!

My best wishes,

Ivan Petricevic